Seeing Red, Painting Red

 – With Margaret Best

Workshop series –– 16th to 19th November
At Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo

From the palest of pinks, to vibrant crimsons and magentas to the deepest burgundies,
red pigment has challenged artists for centuries. Join Margaret Best’s fun and informative
series on the occurrence of the colour red in the plant kingdom and how to capture it well.

November 16th Drawing – Vegetable, Fruit or Flower
The fundamental skill for botanical art is accuracy of drawing. With experienced instruction
learn how refine your observation skills and capture a drawing of a red subject in
vegetable, fruit or flower subject. Select one (or more) to include in a botanical study.
The main, suggested subject is a pomegranate.
Suitability – all levels of skill

November 17th Exploring the Colour Red
Colour Matching Warm Reds, Cool Reds, Middle Reds, Deep Reds.
In your choice of coloured pencil or watercolour discover the world of red pigment. Learn
how to make effective choices in the matching of different red hues. Using your chosen
subject learn how to commence technique testing in your preferred medium.
Suitability: all levels of skill

November 18th & 19th Painting a Red Subject – Veg, Fruit or Flower
Launch a small study of your chosen subject. With guidance create a pleasing composition
and learn how to move through the various stages of technique applications. Discover the
full range of red applications from the subtle soft pinks to full vibrancy when needed as
well as depth of colour for shadows. One of most interesting subjects in this category is a
pomegranate. It offers a range of fascinating texture options especially if you select to
depict a full fruit and an inner section.

Suggested subject – Pomegranate

While you explore a range of reds in your chosen subjects, Margaret will share some of the
remarkable history linked to the human pursuit of the perfect permanent red. It involved
dangerous voyages of discovery, secrecy, piracy and even bad blood between European
monarchs and popes!

Suitability: This workshop is not recommended for complete beginners that have not attended November
16 & 17th in this series.

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